Bookmarks - April 2018

Public DNS resolvers, WSL, and how to make colors more legible in the Windows CMD.

Despite being launched on April 1st, this was no April fools joke. Cloudflare made their own public DNS freely available. It’s fast, privacy focussed (no logging) and supports DNS over HTTPS, and DNS over TLS.

Another privacy oriented public DNS server, this one sponsored by IBM. Currently it doesn’t support DNS over HTTPS or DNS over TLS, so is trumped by, but worth using as a secondary server.

Debian and Kali come to WSL

Debian and Kali linux are now available as flavours of the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Download them from the Windows Store.

Colortool for Windows CMD

If you’ve used the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), one of the first things you’ll notice is the unreadable color contrasts. Thankfully there’s a tool that can adjust the color scheme to more legible hues.

WSL before
Standard console colors
Campbell color scheme